About us

Mirko Tartufi, a tale of goals reached through passion and stubbornness

The Company Mirko Tartufi, specialized in selling truffles and truffle-based products, was born from a young man’s dream, passionate about truffle, and from the persistence and stubbornness of whom believes in something.

The love for truffle leads Mirko to leave his family fruit and vegetable business and to start hunting and selling this particular tuber. After a few years, his face and his name are already famous among the Restaurateurs in whole Tuscany.

Mirko begins to produce, with his brand and label, anything that might be a well-matched truffle combination. So “MirkoTartufi” was born. With these products, he travels through Italy and Europe, bringing the Tuscan excellence to agri-food fairs in the most important cities such as Milan, Florence, Turin, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Linz and so on. His fresh truffle and truffle delicatessen gain more and more positive opinions on a wide scale. At this point, the time has come to take a further step.

In September 2015, the first store branded “Mirko Tartufi” opens in Cortona. Thanks to his experience, Mirko is able to recognize and select the best raw materials, used to craft his truffle-based products.
Each recipe is attentively planned, starting from the selection of the ingredients to the minutely research of the best Italian brand of truffle aroma. Regarding the extra virgin olive oil, which is the base of many truffle-based products, the choice could have only been to pick a Tuscan farm, in order to strongly remark the territorial belonging of the Made in Italy product.

All the truffle-based formulas are tested by a few trusted Chefs – to whom the last words belong! – in order to be put on the market. For the first rule of a good company in food field should be: “I’ll bring to your tables anything with which I would feed my children”.
The company Mirko Tartufi, conquering the whole Europe’s palates with its simplicity, is fierce of being a small reality in the Tuscan territory. Our mission will always be to give anyone the taste that our Mother Nature gave our earth. You can take part into this tasteful magic, just like us.

Mirko Tartufi | paesaggio toscano